About Green Leaf Chem-Dry

Mission Statement

Green Leaf Chem-Dry strives not just to meet but exceed customer expectations by providing the cleanest, fastest drying carpets and upholstery in the industry. Our exceptional products will be professionally applied by friendly, competent, and trustworthy professionals. Our highly effective products and methods are safe for people and pets, yet gentle on your carpets and property. We employ five key principles that allow us to complete our mission.

1. Values

Here at Green Leaf Chem-Dry we follow a basic set of core values that guide our decision making and are integral to the success of our mission in providing excellent customer service here in our Palm Beach and Boca Raton community.

2. Quality

Green Leaf Chem-Dry is known for providing exceptional quality of carpet care for great value. We have been providing expert professional services to our community here in the Palm Beach and Boca Raton areas. Chem-Dry products have been the leaders in the industry for over three decades as well as being the largest national carpet cleaning company. The partnership of a known and well trusted brand combined with our local service give our customers a truly exceptional professional cleaning experience.

3. Expertise

Green Leaf Chem-Dry has the knowledge and experience to service a great variety of fabrics. From carpets and upholstery to fine leathers and wool rugs even deep cleaning of your stone or tile we do it all! We strive to add new services utilizing the best tools and practices in the industry. We look forward to hearing from you. Call us today at 561-229-7309 to speak to one of our friendly staff members, or complete the free quote form on this site and we will have our staff contact you.

4. Education

Green Leaf Chem-Dry demands excellence from our professional technicians. In order to provide this level of service our technicians must complete annual training and mandatory certification. This allows us to remain at the forefront of the industry. In addition, our staff believes in educating our customers. This fosters a level of understanding that leads to informed decision making and helps prolong the results of our cleaning services. We welcome questions about our educational policies and practices.

5. The Chem-Dry Brand Promise

Green Leaf Chem-Dry will delight our customers with the cleanest and fastest drying carpets and upholstery in the industry. Our products will be expertly applied so as to be gentle on carpets and property, safe for people and pets, and our services will be delivered by trustworthy, friendly professionals.

Trust the Chem-Dry experts.

What our Customers Say

  • "You have literally given our gate area floor covering ‘new life’ and have undoubtedly saved us the cost of replacing this carpet in the process."American Airlines
  • "Amazing! That’s the only way I can describe the job you did on my sofa and love seat today. Thanks again, and you will have all my future carpet cleaning business."John G
  • "We are extremely pleased with the service and personal attention provided by Chem-Dry. The Chem-Dry process leaves our carpet clean and fresh looking."Xerox Corporation

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