Why You Should Buy a Rebond Carpet Pad

Homeowners do not spend too much time consider which type of carpet pad to purchase when the time comes to shop for new carpet. The pad is under the surface and not a very exciting component of the shopping experience.

We understand, however, the carpet pad is very important when it comes to how long carpet will last and whether or not carpet matting will occur too soon.

You should invest in a quality carpet pad with your carpet investment which means you should buy a rebond pad for your new carpet flooring.

Rebond pads are very popular for residential carpet. This type of carpet pad is manufactured with recycled materials including urethane, a common material in most carpet pad types. Rebond is sold in multiple colors and available in various sizes and density.

The key factor is the density and the grade of the rebond carpet pad. You should purchase a rebond pad with a minimum 6 lb. density. 10 lbs is best and we recommend a 8 lb. density to be safe. You will want a minimum 8 lb. density for a carpet pad on stairs in your home or if you live with children.

The grade of the carpet pad needs to match the grade of the new carpet you buy. This means if you purchase carpet designed to last 10 years you need to purchase a rebond pad designed to last at least 10 years too. The lifetime of a carpet pad depends on the recycled materials it is made from and its density.

The cost of a rebond pad is often between 40 or 45 cents per square foot. You will need to purchase the same square feet of rebond padding as carpet for your home.

The installer will install the rebond carpet pad prior to installing the new carpet in your home. Be sure to inspect the quality of the installation afterwards to ensure the entire surface area is falt from wall-to-wall.

A good carpet pad combined with professional carpet cleaning from Green Leaf Chem-Dry in Boca Raton, FL will help ensure a carpet lasts for 10 years or longer in your home.

What our Customers Say

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