Why You Should Not Wear Shoes in Your Home

dirty shoes

Do you and your family wear dirty shoes inside of your home? Or maybe you let friends and other guests wear their shoes in your home?

Green Leaf Chem-Dry recommends that you remove your shoes before entering your home or stepping on your carpet. Here is why:

The bottom of your shoes are very dirty from public buildings and outdoors. The bottom of shoes collects dirt on them from dirty floors in public and from asphalt and grass outside.

The dirt on the bottom of your shoes then transfers onto the carpet and floors in your home and creates a dirty appearance on the surface. If you continue to walk on the dirt it will start to be pushed deeper into the fibers of the carpet and become a more serious problem.

The other issue with dirty shoes is bacteria and chemicals. There are chemicals on asphalt and cement that the bottom of shoes collects and then that bacteria and chemical substance enter your home. Shoes collect e-coli and other bacteria from public restrooms and shoes collect carcinogens and harsh chemicals from synthetic surfaces and flooring.

Another reason you should not wear shoes on carpet is due to the stress it causes on the fibers and the carpet pad. Shoes will wear down the durability and resiliency of a carpet pad. After the carpet pad wears down, the fibers and surface of the carpet will no longer return to their original buoyancy or appearance and you will have matted and worn down carpet in your home.

We recommend wearing socks or slippers inside instead of shoes or bare feet. Shoes present the problems we mentioned and bare feet secrete oils into carpet that can cause soiling.

A clean pair of socks or slippers or shoes solely for indoor wear will have clean bottoms and create less stress on a carpet pad. For guests, offer them their own slippers or simply ask them to remove their shoes and wear their socks. For repairmen, require them to wear plastic covers over the bottom of their boots or shoes.

Green Leaf Chem-Dry offers carpet cleaning for homes and businesses in Boca Ration, West Palm Beach and surrounding areas. We remove stains, dirt and bacteria associated with dirty shoes and other sources of grime.

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