Tile & Grout Cleaning Boca Raton, FL

Many people have chosen beautiful tile and/or stone surfaces for their reliable performance and ease of maintenance in their homes or businesses. Nonetheless, these surfaces too require occasional deep cleaning to prevent permanent damage or staining especially for unsealed floors here in Florida.

Glazed, Unglazed and Natural Surfaces

The type of tile and stone surfaces along with their location determines the frequency of cleaning necessary to maintain their original beauty. Glazed tile has a waterproof surface that provides additional protection against staining, whereas unglazed tile or natural surfaces remain porous allowing for dirt and stains to become embedded in the material requiring more frequent cleaning. In addition, surfaces that are heavily trafficked such as a business lobby or entryway require more cleaning to prevent the appearance of dull, dirty areas or the development of stubborn stains.

Porous Grout

Keeping grout between stone and tile clean can be a nightmare. Even with diligent cleaning, porous grout becomes embedded with dirt and grime. This results in dingy looking and stained surfaces. In wet areas such as a bathroom, grout can be riddled with persistent mildew. Without the proper care grout may crack and fail, potentially damaging the tile and stone.

Deep Cleaning without Harsh Chemicals

The use of harsh chemicals and heavy mechanical abrasion may cause damage to tile or stone by causing etching to occur on the surface. Greasy soaps can dull the surfaces by leaving a residue. At Green Leaf Chem-Dry we employ safe, gentle yet effective methods to keep your tile and natural surface looking like new. A penetrating deep cleaning by Chem-Dry will refresh grout lines safely making your tile or stone look like new.

Penetrating Sealers

Once your stone or tile has been deep cleaned, the application of a penetrating sealer will prevent dirt and moisture from reentering back into the surface. The manufacturer of your tile or stone may recommend a particular type of sealant that works best with the material. In general, a high-quality sealant appropriate for the type of surface will be sufficient for use in Florida. After the sealant sets, care for your stone or tile consists of frequent sweepings and damp mopping until your next deep cleaning to keep your restored surfaces looking like new.

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