Why Is Your Carpet Shedding?

We often hear from customers complaining that their new carpet is shedding. Shedding appears as small strands and fuzz on the surface of carpet. This often happens for as long as 6-12 months after a new carpet is installed and there is a simple reason for it.

The reason your carpet is shedding is due to the carpet fiber. There are two types of carpet fiber available for purchase. One type is a staple fiber and the other type is a continuous filament. A staple fiber is the type of fiber that sheds.

Staple fibers are short in length and range from 3-10 inches long. This fiber eventually untwists and leads to fuzz and strands of carpet all over the surface of a floor. Homeowners then need to vacuum to remove the fuzz from the floor.

You can avoid this issue if you purchase a carpet with continuous filament fibers. This type of carpet is labeled either CF or BCF. You can ask the carpet salesperson about the type of fibers or look for the correct information on the label.

Homeowners that purchase CF carpet will not experience any of the shedding associated with staple fibers or at least nowhere near as much. A good CF carpet will last a very long time (learn about carpet durability factors here).

Both staple fiber carpet and CF carpet require regular vacuuming for soil and dirt. You will also want to schedule services from a Boca Raton carpet cleaning company every 6-12 months to remove deeper dirt that is below the surface.

The bad news is that homeowners with staple fiber carpet will simply have to deal with the fuzz and shedding for the first year. The good news is that the shedding will not be permanent.

To avoid carpet shedding entirely, purchase CF or BCF carpet from your local retailer.

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